Big Game Recovery

The Big Game Recovery Committee purpose is to recover salvageable big game hit by vehicles and/or self injured. The animal is dressed and the meat is donated to the Union Gospel Mission. When Road Kill is reported to the Wildlife council by local citizens/law enforcement, a volunteer is called to pick up the deer/elk/moose. The animal is taken to a dressing location (sometimes on site) where it is skinned and cleaned. The meat is taken to the local homeless shelter where it is used to feed the homeless. The hide is taken to Pacific Steel & Recycling and is exchanged for a pair of leather gloves. The Road Kill Committee works closely with the WDFW and the Washington State Department of Transportation to locate and retrieve these big game animals.
The INWC operates under a special permit issued to us annually by the WDFW Region 1 director.
We also work with the WDFW to collect brain stem samples used to study chronic wasting disease.

Any questions, please contact

Ken Hoff
Big Game Recovery Committee Chairperson